Click here to email questions.  All questions will receive a response; only general questions will be posted.Some links require a PTA login and password, they are on the back of your PTA membership card.  


Where can I find a blank Record Retention Policy form?    Records Retention Policy

How can I get a copy of my by-laws?     Go to our Helpful Links page, you can request a copy on-line. 

What is "bonded" and where do I go to get bonded?     Go to our Helful Links page, AIM is most commonly used by PTAs for insurance needs.  At minimun your PTA should purchase Commercial General Liability,  Commercial Crime & Fidelity Bond, and Non-profit Professional Liabilty (Officers Liability).  You can read all about insurance on the AIM site. 

Do we have to use the PTA software?     No, but it is made for PTA and can make the life of your Treasurer easier.  It is very inexpensive,  and can be purchased at (you will need the password on the back of your membership card to access this link). 

Do PTAs need a tax permit?     Yes, if you are selling taxable items.  Details about the permit are posted on our PTA Treasurers page.  Go to to complete your application on line.  FYI, the PTA NAICS code is 813410. 

How do I find out if our PTA is in goodstanding (with the Denton Council of PTAs)?     Thanks for the question, check our site for the new Local Unit Checklist, just for you! 

We are a new PTA and I have a question for you regarding our tax exempt status.  When we received our EIN number from the IRS the form said that we would also need to complete Form 1023 to get tax exempt status for our organization.  Are we covered under Texas PTA's tax exempt status?  Are there any other forms that I need to do? Please let me know.     Yes you are covered under the PTA exemption.  Look in the Treasurers Handbook under Appendix 11, you will find the IRS letter that explains our exemption.  You do need to turn in an EIN Verification Form

Can PTA money be used to purchase Spa Gift Certificates?  I have the Teacher Appreciation Chairman asking if she can purchase a G/C and pick a Teachers name from a hat and give it out.    The risk here is individual or member benefit, which is cause for the IRS to remove the non-profit status. Your members (including teachers) or individuals should not benefit personally.  You can have a spa gift certificate donated, and then give it away, or you can give a spa basket.  If you buy products for a basket from the spa, then the spa might donate in a mani or a pedi.  They can take the tax deduction, just a thought.

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